Top MMM Guider Runs To Philippines With His Family. Lol

Top Guider and first initiator of the popular ponzi scheme, mavrodi mondial moneybox, MMM, Mr. Chuddy Ugorji has reportedly fled the country with his wife, Amaka to the Philippines.

Indications suggest that Mr. Chuddy fled because perhaps he knows MMM might not be able to pay its participants again.

This is coming days after over 2 million participants of the scheme are still not able to get the money they invested in the scheme even after it claimed to have resumed full time.

Sergey Mavrodi of inventor MMM
Recall that the ponzi scheme had blocked the access to requesting for financial assistance, Getting Help (GH) during the yuletide seasons. After a month’s blockade of the access, known as Mavros, the ponzi scheme announced it had unfrozen the Mavros for its participants to begin withdrawals. However, up till the filling of this report, many are yet to get their money back, which totals to millions.

However, Chuddy’s relocation came barely 24 hours after he released a new set of conditions for the payment of some three million Nigerian investors wherein those with little investments are to be paid first before those who invested heavily.

He had given the participant, called Mavrodians, the impression that the Ponzi scheme has started paying the outstanding mavro (money) but it has turned out to be not entirely true.

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